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CAVALOR - Emergency 911 H1- 80 cc
A supplement indicated to reduce the stress response. For better results, Cavalor Take It Easy has a high content of tryptophan, supplemented with Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Magnesium. Orally administered paste
22.00 € 21.75 € 21.75 EUR
EQUINE AMERICA - Pro Pell Plus - 1 l
Liquid supplement rich in iron, vitamins, minerals and equine that helps to raise energy levels and maintain the health of the horse.
21.25 € 21.25 EUR
EQUINE AMERICA - Sand Out Powder - 2,6 kg
Supplement to improve the intestinal transit of horses that graze in meadows with a lot of sand.
71.00 € 70.76 € 70.76 EUR
EQUINE AMERICA - Uls-Gard Regular Solution H1 - 1 l
Uls-Gard contains ingredients that reduce the production of gastric acid, correct the pH of the stomach and help protect the stomach lining against irritation. Especially recommended for horses with stress of competitions and also with loss of physical condition.
40.00 € 39.85 € 39.85 EUR
KM ELITE - Aloe Vera H1- Garrafa 1 l.
Conditioning Mix es un pienso en forma de multipartícula indicada para aumentar rápidamente la masa muscular y el peso sin "calentar" el caballo de carácter nervioso.
Contiene aceite, aminoácidos esenciales equilibrados con vitaminas y minerales que garantizan una salud envidiable.
15.00 € 14.31 € 14.31 EUR