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FORAN - Cal-Gro H1- 3 Kg
Suplemento en polvo de calcio y fósforo con MSM, aminoácidos, cobre y vitamina E, para un adecuado desarrollo y crecimiento de potros y youngstock
50.00 € 46.71 € 46.71 EUR
CAVALOR - Hyppolac (breast milk) - Bag 10 kg
Tested and proven as the best artificial milk for foals in the market. Used in the clinics of the University of Utech and Gent. Substitute of maternal milk powder for foals orphaned or abandoned by the mother.
71.00 € 70.81 € 70.81 EUR
SPILLERS - Horse Gro´n Win - Saco 20 Kg
Gro'N Win is a multivitamin in the form of granules with a patented formula developed to support growth and prevent EOD * in foals. Its formula low in energy provides all the essential amino acids, vitamins and chelated minerals necessary for a correct bone development without forcing the growth. This product can also be used in cases of hyposelenioses.
29.00 € 28.03 € 28.03 EUR